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Beatles Tours & British Rock Music Places of Interest

  • So you like UK Rock Music but don't know where to look to find out more information? You are not the only one there are thousands of people in your position who appreciate the British Music Scene but don't know where to look for it. The sites out there are mostly independent so you have to spend hours trying to find the information from lots of websites.s

  • Well look no further the  UK Rockmusic tours website has combined all the information that you need to know in one place. We are experts at booking your trip to Britain and supplying you with all the information and know how to book the trip of a lifetime. From Liverpool, the home of the Beatles to Glasgow, the home of Oasis, British music has had a huge impact all over the world.

  • Our most famous music exports are The Beatles, 4 lads from Liverpool without whom the world of rock and pop would never be the same. Other legendary British bands and artists include David Bowie, Queen, Sting, Duran Duran, The Who, Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, Police, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Elton John... and let’s not forget the Spice Girls. Where would we be without all of these?

  • Britain’s musical talent doesn’t stop there –the past few years have seen Britain’s bands and artists take over the world’s music scene. Artists like Lily Allen, Corrine Bailey Rae, Robbie Williams, Athlete, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Kasabian, The Magic Numbers, Joss Stone, Lemar, Natasha Bedingfield and KT Tunstall have taken the world by storm, showing exactly what Britain has to offer.

  • So please feel free to explore our website which is full of maps and useful information on the British Rock Scene. Our services include arranging tickets for concerts and gigs. We can arrange air, rail, sea and coach transportation to the UK destination of your choice from Liverpool to Lands End.

  • We look forward to be able to serve you and provide you with musical memories of a lifetime.

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Image by Hugo Sousa


Discover iconic landmarks, soak in rich history, and immerse yourself in the city's diverse culture.

Image by Nathan Riley

East England

Discover the charm of this region known for its historic sites, picturesque countryside, and quaint coastal towns.

Image by Gary Butterfield


Embark on a journey through Yorkshire's enchanting landscapes and historic towns, where beauty meets tradition.

Image by Neil Martin


Immerse yourself in the legendary music scene and explore cultural hotspots.

Image by Jonny Gios

Northwest England

Explore a region steeped in history, with dynamic cities like Manchester and the Lake District

Image by Archie McDougall

Heart of England

Journey to the Heart of England, where history, culture, and beauty converge for an unforgettable experience!

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Northeast England

Explore a region steeped in history, boasting stunning natural landscapes.

Image by Zach Pickering

Southwest England

Explore Cornwall's rugged beauty and Bath's cultural treasures in Southwest England!

Image by Ebun Oluwole

East Midland

Discover the East Midlands: a region of rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and lively urban centers.

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