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Southwest England

 All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, Minehead

Named after a Velvet Underground song and held at the Butlins holiday resort in Minehead, Somerset, the festival features avant-garde, underground hip hop, along with more traditional rock fare.

All Tomorrow's Parties is unlike any other festival. Even though it has expanded this year to 6,000 people, the majority of our population has no idea it exists. It couldn't feel more different from the Glasto/Reading festival model. For a start, it happens in cold midwinter and cold spring, in the incongruous setting of a tacky holiday camp, and the Kaiser Chiefs aren't playing. Staying in a chalet means you can shower, sleep and drop a log too. It's almost civilised. And there's a certain type of clientele that's drawn to ATP: each group of festival goers includes four malnourished art rock nerds (two with glasses, two without) and one female with a Karen O haircut. At least three of these people will be in a band, or involved in a "musical project". With this in mind, it's fitting that this weekend's curator is the architect of geeky mixed gender art rock, Thurston Moore. And as you'd expect, he's filled Butlins with white noise, proto-grunge leering, millennial psychedelic freakouts and greasy haired geeks.

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