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Southwest England
Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, Minehead: A Unique Musical Experience

Named after a Velvet Underground song, the All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) Festival is held at the Butlins holiday resort in Minehead, Somerset. This distinctive festival showcases a blend of avant-garde, underground hip hop, and more traditional rock offerings.

Setting and Unconventional Charm:

  • Unlike mainstream festivals, ATP takes place in the cold midwinter and spring at the Butlins holiday camp, providing a stark contrast to the typical outdoor festival experience.

  • The festival's venue offers a quirky and unexpected backdrop, characterized by its kitschy holiday camp atmosphere, a far cry from the norm.

Civilized Comfort:

  • Attendees have the luxury of staying in chalets, allowing for comfortable amenities like showers and proper sleep, contributing to a more refined festival experience.

  • This departure from the traditional camping setup provides a touch of civility, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Eclectic Festival Goers:

  • ATP draws a unique crowd characterized by their distinct style and musical interests. Groups typically consist of four art rock enthusiasts (two wearing glasses, two not), accompanied by a female attendee with a Karen O-inspired haircut.

  • A notable portion of attendees are either musicians or involved in various musical projects, reflecting the festival's focus on experimental and alternative sounds.

Thurston Moore: Curator and Visionary:

  • This year's curator, Thurston Moore, is a prominent figure in the world of geeky mixed-gender art rock. His influence is palpable throughout the festival's lineup.

  • Moore's curation has transformed Butlins into a sonic playground, featuring elements of white noise, proto-grunge, millennial psychedelic explorations, and a vibrant community of music enthusiasts.

All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Minehead offers a refreshingly unconventional festival experience. With its unique setting, comfortable accommodations, and diverse musical lineup, it stands as a haven for those seeking an alternative to mainstream festival culture. Under the direction of curator Thurston Moore, ATP continues to be a mecca for aficionados of avant-garde and underground music.

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Tel: (604) 872 - 2627

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339 West 2nd Avenue, 
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