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Musical London

London is the greatest rock 'n' roll city in the world! There's five decades of rock and pop history here waiting to be found!
Teddy boys, Beatniks, Mods and Rockers, Hippies, Punks, Rastas, New Romantics, Heavy Metal freaks, Hip-Hoppers and Rappers, they've all grooved, rocked, tripped and been busted in Britain's capital and in their wake left a thousand stories!

See famous gig sites, clubs, rock hotels, record labels, management offices and studios. Highlights include seeing where Jimi Hendrix lived and died, where Freddie Mercury and Queen hung out and Led Zeppelin's HQ.

Exlore the sites connected with The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Cream, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Clash, Coldplay, Oasis, Mama Cass, Georgie Fame, Elton John, Jimmy Page and the Yardbirds, Cliff Richards, The Sex Pistols, Bowie, The Faces, Bee Gees, The Who and many, many more! Then there's Bill Wyman's (Stones) "Sticky Fingers" restaurant and a host of famous album covers and recognizable video locations for you to get yourself into the picture.

Visit all the most important Beatles sites such as Paul and Ringo's houses, Apple HQ, EMI Studios, and many more. Have your photograph taken on the famed Abbey Road crossing. It's up to you whether you take your shoes off!

In the process visit Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill, St John's Wood and Soho! It's a great way to see parts of London that you don't normally see.

4 world heritage sites, and over 200 attractions that are free to enter - be awe inspired.

7 million people living in London – find your soul mate!

15 speakers at Speaker’s Corner on any given Sunday – speak your mind.

17 national museums and galleries completely free to enter and  view some of the greatest works of art known to mankind.

20 US dollars – cost of a room in a hostel for the night – you won’t blow the budget.

47 major rock and pop venues – catch the best of British talent.

76 plays showing every day – all the world’s a stage.

83 funky stores and cool markets – shop till you drop.

87 ghost stations – go on, get spooked.

6,000 licensed restaurants – eat your heart out.

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