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Image by Nadiia Ganzhyi

The Philharmonic Pub Liverpool

Famous for being one of the most lavish and ornate pubs in the country.

You will find The Philharmonic Dining Rooms in Liverpool within a short stroll of Hardman Street, Myrtle Street - however you won't find another like it.

Step in to discover a traditional pub of unique character, revered for its eclectic range of real ales and its quality pub food, which are served, as they should be, with a generous measure of famous British hospitality.

Dazzling and flamboyant, the pub has its own place in history as 'the most ornate pub in England'.

Known as 'The Phil', the magnificent hostelry takes its name from Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall opposite.

Commissioned between 1898 and 1900, it is a showpiece in the style of a gentlemen's club. With the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Choir and Society so close, it's long been a favourite with concert-goers and performers alike.

One of a kind.

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms is one of many rare gems in the Nicholson's collection of great British pubs, reputed for their distinctive buildings, intriguing history and vibrant atmosphere.


When asked about the price of fame, John Lennon once answered ‘Not being able to buy a pint at the Phil’. Named after the opposing Philharmonic Hall, The Philharmonic Dining Room is a grand lavish pub that is located on 36 Hope St in downtown Liverpool. Another favourite local of John Lennon’s, the pub boast a beautifully decorated interior which was granted a Grade II listing building. Interestingly, The Philharmonic’s male toilets are a tourist attraction here, with visitors encouraged to view the intricate marble lavatory!​

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