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The Cavern Liverpool

 6 St Margarets Square, Cambridge

In January 1968, Syd Barrett’s erratic behaviour was preventing Pink Floyd from being a professional and reliable band. David Gilmour was, by now, joining Pink Floyd on stage to play as the 5 man Floyd. The egos of the band were thirsty for success and so it was decided one day, on the way to a gig in Southampton, that Syd Barrett would not be picked up. David Gilmour would thus become the permanent lead guitarist for Pink Floyd from the 26th January 1968 at the Southampton University gig they drove to in their van. This late comer to Pink Floyd is currently its lead guitarist and front man.

Eventually Barrett had returned home to Cambridge to 6 St Margaret’s Square to live with his mother in 1981 Winifred Barrett after a stint of living in various places such as Chelsea Cloisters where he often gave away expensive items to people. Barrett’s mental condition had not improved and, according to a story in the mail on Sunday on 3rd December 2006, Barrett’s erratic and abusive behaviour forced Winifred Barrett to move out of 6 St Margaret’s square leaving her daughter - Barrett’s sister - Rosemary to look after Syd. She visited often and they became very close and he lived here until his death aged 60 in July 2006.

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