Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Tour of London

Take a journey through some of London's most musical neighbourhoods and discover the playgrounds of the biggest rock 'n' roll legends in history.

  • Beatles fanatics will love Sir Paul McCartney's gold disc-covered office where he wrote 'Yesterday', and seeing the only flat that all four Beatles shared

  • Recreate The Beatles’ famous 'Abbey Road' album cover on the crossing outside the recording studio

  • Take in the dozens of venues on the tiny backstreets and alleys of Soho where rock music was 'born and raised', including notorious historical venues including the Marquee, Ronnie Scott's Club and the legendary UFO

  • Take a trip down Denmark Street, known as the 'British Tin Pan Alley' for its musical connections, including the studio where the Rolling Stones cut their first disc

  • This 3 hour 30 minute tour stops off at more than 50 other sites with connections to artists as diverse as Amy Winehouse, the Sex Pistols, Queen, Elton John, U2 and many more

  • Tours are conducted by knowledgeable and enthusiastic rock music fans, who love to bring London's musical history to life!

This tour is available to purchase year-round but only runs from 26 March to 30 October

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