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The Cavern Liverpool

London walking tour in French

Take a walk through 2,000 years of British history along the banks of the iconic River Thames, with commentary from a native French-speaking guide.

You will see:

  • Tower of London – 1,000 year old fortress and World Heritage site

  • Tower Bridge – one of the world’s most iconic bridges

  • Southwark Cathedral – historic cathedral dating back to the 7th Century

  • The Golden Hinde – a replica of the first ship to ever circumnavigate the globe

  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – a reconstruction of the playwright’s famous theatre built in 1599

  • The Millennium Bridge – London’s iconic modern steel suspension bridge

  • St Paul’s Cathedral – Christopher Wren’s architectural wonder

This tour does not include entry to the attractions.

Approximate length of tour: 2.5 hours

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