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The Cavern Liverpool

James Bond London Walk

Discover the exciting world of 007 James Bond on this tour of London’s filming locations for the many James Bond films, including the secret agent’s latest blockbuster, SPECTRE.

  • Pass by the secret offices of 007’s London HQ, Universal Exports

  • Visit 10+ filming locations from Bond films old and new

  • Learn the film-making techniques that make each 007 Bond film magical

The tour begins outside Charing Cross railway station, in front of Boots and next to the Amba Hotel.

The tour will then make its way to London’s oldest restaurant, featured in SPECTRE, then on to Westminster, the heart of British government and politics. Bond would be right at home amongst the government buildings and secret bunkers!

Guests on the tour will also learn about aspects of the British secret service and discover where fantasy in the films meets the reality of London. Highlights of the tour include filming locations from For Your Eyes Only, Die Another Day, Skyfall and SPECTRE.

The James Bond walking tour will enable you to take many pictures, see familiar film locations up close and even to recreate your own favourite Bond moments for the cameras.

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