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Anfield Football Stadium, Liverpool


Red is the color of victory at Anfield Stadium, home of the legendary Liverpool Football Club since 1892.

The 1884 stadium has also hosted boxing, tennis and rugby over the years, but the prime activity here is premier league football (soccer).


Pink Floyd’s album Meddle sampled the massed ranks of the Kop from Anfield on the song ‘Fearless’ after the Floyd attended a match between Liverpool and Bristol Rovers and were impressed with the vocals. Visitors can take a tour of the stadium.

If it wasn't for one man, Liverpool Football Club would never have been born. When Everton left Anfield in a dispute over rent in 1892, club chairman John Houlding stayed behind along with a handful of supporters and just three first-team players. But he was determined to see football continue at the ground. He formed a new club from scratch, chose the name Liverpool… and created a legend.
Even John Houlding couldn't have predicted how successful it would become. More than 100 years on, no English club can match the LiverpoolFC roll of honour; League Champions 18 times, FA Cup winners seven times, League Cup winners seven times, European Cup winners five times and UEFA Cup winners three times.

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Seating up to around 45,000 passionate fans, the stadium has four all-seat stands: the Kop Stand, Main Stand, Centenary Stand, and Anfield Road Stand.

Local pride and passion run deep at Anfield. To learn more about the team's football heroes over the decades, take a tour of the stadium and Liverpool FC museum to visit the dressing room, walk down the tunnel and step onto the hallowed pitch.


Note that tours don't run on match days.

To secure tickets for a home match at Anfield, check the stadium’s website. Wear plenty of red and get ready to sing along to the Liverpool Football Club’s stirring anthem, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

Practical Info
Anfield Stadium is around 2 miles (3km) from Liverpool’s city center.

With virtually no parking facilities, public transport is the best travel option. Buses run to the stadium from the city center

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